Managing Change For Performance Enhancement (Online Training)


Course Objectives

As the only thing which remains constant today is change, a major challenge for any organization is to manage change in order to remain competitive & to survive in today’s ever changing business world. No organization will want to be a dinosaur in a museum, or end up as an academic case study of company failures for business and management students. Organizations need to focus on this human aspect amidst all these changes. What are the consequences of NOT changing? Are the employees and management too comfortable in their own environment? How well are they equipped with the skills needed to manage change? Are they emotionally stressed out? This programme has been designed with the aims to answer these questions, and highlight the importance of change and its associated pitfalls, and to suggest ways to manage change.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Gain the 6-Step approach in ensuring the execution of vision and strategy: no more nice but non-executable grand plan/vision
  • Receive NO surprise from your staff anymore
  • Seamlessly enable change to be embraced and accepted rather than resisted
  • Reduce stress and pressure by improving personal, departmental, and organizational performance
  • Use KPI to achieve the seemingly impossible: 100% objective, fair and transparent performance measurement
  • Pick up your own leadership strengths and weaknesses in enhancing performance
  • Become an agent of change and a real good role model people look up to

Target Audience

This is intended for management levels from all departments for the simple reason that change affects all, including any one who is interested to enhance better management of change.


Combination of lecture, with practical/hands on approach such as role plays, case studies, presentation, commentary on other companies/industries, and/or video.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Paradigm and change as they relate to workplace
    – what is paradigm?
    – paradigm paralysis

  • Module 2: Introduction to change
    – the colour naming exercise
    – examples of change
    – why change?
    – why there is always resistance to change?

  • Module 3: The emotional and psychological aspects of change
    – the comfort zone/zone of stability
    – emotional experience
    – the coping cycle

  • Module 4: Change management: from resistance to embrace
    – management styles to adopt
    – ownership & commitment
    – how to help people change
    – from “I” to “We”

  • Module 5: Performance Management: outcome of change
    – the importance of measurement
    – the 6-Step Approach: connecting strategy to execution
    – Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & how to set correct KPI
    – Review: Heart of performance management system

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Andrew


Andrew has been a trainer and management consultant since 1991, specializing in the areas of Strategic Thinking, Leadership Transformation, Lean, QC Tools, VSM, 8D Problem Solving, performance management, productivity improvement, behavioral change, and Critical & Creative Thinking.

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