Mitigating the Effects of Perception

Perception is reality. We define our reality through our senses. It is an essential survival tool. We use it to make sense of the environment, situations and people. We use it to justify actions. It gives us the ability to recognize and interpret.

Perception is continuously built in our minds. It begins with our curiosity to external stimulus. This is then picked up by our senses. The mind then registers the complete sensation to create meaning and form memory. This memory is then tied to our fight or flee response.


Perception is a tricky thing. Two people can be exposed to the same external stimuli yet register a completely different experience in their minds. The interesting thing is that both are right. The problem is not logical; it’s psychological. This is caused by mental conditioning. Mental conditioning is a result of subconsciously training the brain to think a certain way. This “training” can be done by oneself or by others.

Perceptions can cause problems because it ties to our beliefs. It’s a personal thing. This occurs because we see the world not as it is, but as we are. We get upset because we cannot see and accept another person’s view of the world. If you don’t keep them in check, they will get the best of you.

Perceptions can be carefully examined by the simple act of self-contemplation. If something upsets your beliefs, resist the urge to defend it. Examine the other point of view and be open to the idea that it also can be correct. Examine the root cause of what caused you to make that perception. Ask yourself if there is validity in it. Come to an understanding and make a decision for the greater good.

Remember, the territory is not the map.

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