Trust is the unshakable faith and belief in someone or something. It is considered sacred as it cannot be bought; only earned. Trust is the root cause of most problems in the workplace. The lack of trust between Manager and employee plays a crucial role in staff turnover. It is the elusive word behind “Employee Engagement”.


Trust can be misplaced because it is based on feelings. Feelings can be biased. It also makes us react without thinking. It takes time to build trust in people; some more than others. It takes seconds to break it. As much as building trust is difficult, it is far more difficult to rebuild broken trust. Which is why in most instances, broken trust leads to separation.

Trust is built by consistency in positive actions over time. Here are some the things your staff will take notice:

  • Making time for them despite your busy schedule
  • Showing genuine concern when they are troubled
  • Sticking up for them in tough situations
  • Being fair in your actions and decisions
  • Admitting your mistakes
  • Calling out good work
  • Keeping your word

Most often, it is the simplest actions that people remember. Surprisingly, it is the simplest things that we fail to do.

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