Wong KW

Trainer Wong KW


  • PSMB Certified Trainer
  • Diploma In Civil Engineering, Trinity Rockschool (London)
  • Certified Wing Chun Coach (HK)
  • Motivation Factor Certified Practicioner (DEN)
  • Entrepreneurship Mentor (EDII, India)   




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Bahasa Melayu


Wong is a multi-area professional trainer for more than 13 years in the industry. Also a certified trainer by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Human Resource Ministry Malaysia). Prior to become a Senior Corporate Trainer, he was attached to established manufacturing firms, namely Kampat Engineering Sdn Bhd, Woodlandor Roof Truss Systems and Midah Truss Systems to name a few. During his tenure as a technical specialist in the above organizations, plus with his vast knowledge and skills in engineering & industrial design, he was highly involved in managing turn-key projects of the companies. He was also highly experienced in managing new product introduction, which includes effective planning of required resources to meet client’s requirements. As a competent technical specialist – cum – project manager, plus his leadership capability, he was also highly recognized by his workforce as a competent coach, especially in the areas of problem solving & decision making, customer relations management, and quality assurance.

Wong also a musician who performs and teaches contemporary music, specializing in electric guitar. A few recognized institution that had benefited from Sifu Wong’s service in offering his music consultation courses includes SRI KDU International School, where he coaches secondary school children in music appreciation and approach. Another institution that also benefited was SEGI College, where he helped students there to organize and expose them to music approach in modern music.

At the very same time, one of the reason on why he has been known as the multi field professional trainer is because, he’s also a wing chun martial art coach where he brought the syllabus straight from Hong Kong, localized and utilize it to benefits school children and adult here. One of a very successful project was the CSR project for SMK SRI Serdang school, where he uses wing chun philosophy to help and guide the school children to excel in school and life. While the adults from the corporate world benefits from the new and scientific approach introduced to them through his simplified self defense programme. Through the S.E.E.D principle that he came up with, that helps the corporate world to not only to feel safe, but to apply the concept into management studies, employee engagement, wellness and pain relief as well.

With the recent selection of trainers and coaches across Malaysia, he has been chosen to undergo the entrepreneurs mentor ship programme in one of the world class university famous for their entrepreneurs development programme, Entrepreneurs Development Institute India (EDII). He has undergo an intensive exposure on mentoring growing entrepreneurs across Malaysia using the most advance skills and knowledge he has attained from India. One of his passion is to help growing entrepreneurs in Malaysia to attain international market to improve the overall economy of Malaysia.

At the very same time he is also a certified practitioner of Motivation Factor (DEN). He incorporate into his training session as one of employee engagement tools to identify what are the areas of improvements within the workforce of an organization, by using the technical and detail analysis of the motivation level of an organization as a whole, and what are the steps to not only increase but to maintain the level of motivation in an organization.

With his love in sharing his knowledge, skills, competency and capability with others, plus his deep enthusiasm in adult learning, he is now a Senior Corporate Trainer specializing in soft skills trainings such as Workplace Supervisory and Leadership Competencies, Workplace Problem Solving and Decision Making, Team Building and Creative Thinking, Personal protection , Employee engagement, Wellness programme, Stress management and pain relief programme, to name a few.

He has always successfully demonstrated his capability and passion in developing and delivering his soft skills training, through his state-of-the-art experiential learning approach to embed learners to ‘SEE’ and ‘THINK’ in various perspectives, while ‘LISTEN’ to diverse thoughts, in order to establish the ‘FEEL’ to adopt and put learning into practice.

Some of the corporate clients which benefited from Sifu Wong’s highly experiential trainings are E Excel, Cosway, Winalite, Wan Hai Lines, Tesco, Huawei, Hwa Tai, F & N, GBH, Asiaflex, Dell, Flextronics, Rinnai, Malakoff, United Seino, Motorola Solutions, DKSH, Standard Chartered, Maybank Etiqa, CIMB, Sun-Life, Baker Hughes, Asiaflex, Secom, GBH, Haeir, Oracle, NXP Semiconductor, NTPM, IJN, RedONE, Toyo Tyres, Daiso, Rockwool, MAS Airlines, AIG to name a few.

The following are some of his recent testimonials:-

“Time flies so quickly in this programme! I would definitely want Sifu Wong for my next programme!” –DELL, CYBERJAYA

“I’ve never had this kind of mind-blowing session before this! It must be Sifu Wong’s magic!” – NTPM, PG

“Sifu Wong has shown a definite different approach during our session, unlike other boring trainings!” – FLEXTRONICS, PG

“His insight and presentation has taught us how much we lack of in our daily leadership skill practice” – MOTOROLA, PG

“Fun and educational, that’s all I can say about Sifu Wong’s training” – AIG, KL

“Having the real fun in the fundamentals and being able to use what we learn is something that Sifu Wong never fails to do” – GBH, KL

“Highly interactive, energetic, and most of all, Sifu Wong’s ability to communicates and delivers to the participants, is UNBELIEVBLY POWERFUL!” – CIMB, KL

“Self defense has never been so straight forward and simplified” – Canness (Sentul)

“Students attendance rate in school increase to 98.8%” –Chong (SMK Desa Serdang)


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