Management & Leadership Skills For First Time / Newly Promoted Supervisors And Managers

Course Objectives

  • Delivery constructive feedback in a way that produces positive change, not resentmentor anger
  • Motivate your people to perform “above and beyond” without spending an extra dime
  • Gain proven strategies for curbing absenteeism and tardiness
  • Turn chronic complainers into satisfied, productive employees
  • Build on your unique strengths to develop a confident, professional leadership style
  • Supervise friends and former co-workers without hassles or stress
  • Save hours every week by avoiding classic time-wasters that wreck a supervisor’s schedule
  • Give crystal clear instructions that employees will understand – the first time
  • Handle employee confrontations in a calm and professional manner
  • Maintain respect and compliance for rules while still being friendly with staff
  • Establish your credibility quickly and earn the respect of those up and down the ladder
  • Conduct effective performance appraisals that result in improved employee performance
  • Win employees and boses! over to your way of thinking
  • Weed out shirkers during job interviews using proven techniques
  • Understand why good employees quit and what you can do to help significantly reduce turnover
  • Implement needed changes in a way that employees will embrace
  • Combat a variety of attitude problems without breaking a sweat
  • Speak up powerfully and confidently in meetings
  • Use active listening to really hear what employees are trying to tell you
  • Increase your visibility within your organization so your ‘promotability’ is recognized

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for new Supervisors and Managers, Team Leaders, those new to management within the past two years who have had no formal management training and professionals who are about to be promoted to a management position

Level for Team Leaders and above


This stimulating program will maximizes the understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities

Course Modules

Module 1 – Leadership Fundamentals And Issues All new Managers Face

Module 2 – Developing Your Personal Leadership Strengths

Module 3 – Building A Highly Motivated, High-Performance Team

Module 4 – The Mechanics Of The Manager’s Job

Module 5 – Communication Techniques Every Manager Should Know

Module 6 – How To Turn Around Difficult Employees And Eliminate Problem

Module 7 – The Leader’s Role In Making Change Happen

Module 8 – Career Mapping : Preparing Yourself For The Next Level

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Casey


Casey , a 27 years sales, management and team building training specialist is acclaimed as one of Malaysia’s most dynamic and inspiring public speaker since 1985 and has steadily increased his stature as one of the leading speakers in this region.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Economics from University of Malaya and a Diploma in Management from the US. Fluent in three (3) languages, (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin), he is an extremely sought after training specialist both locally and internationally

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