Servant Leadership & Building a Dynamic Team

Course Objectives

Agile Project Management Essentials is designed for the project management and agile practitioners to ensure approved projects and programmes are adaptable to changes and deliver quick values to stakeholders and organisation. This course’s key benefit is to allow the project management and agile practitioner to explore the agile concept and methodologies to meet their project and stakeholder requirement in agility environment. The course covers both the principle and approach based on the Agile Practice Guide in the project environment.

During the course, the participant will explore the following:

  • The purpose and idea behind the Servant Leadership,
  • Being Presence and Staying Focus,
  • Listening Actively and Empathy,
  • Healing and Awareness,
  • Persuasion and Conceptualisation,
  • Foresight and Stewardship,
  • Commitment to Grow People and Building Community, and
  • Team Development.

Target Audience

This Agile Project Management aims to address the needs of those working in a project focused environment who want to be agile. It is useful to all candidates and competency levels ranging from highly experience project managers to those new to the industry.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, practice examination questions, discussions and practical exercises.

Course Modules

Day 1

  • Ice-Breaking & Introduction of the 21st Century Active Learning
  • Understanding of Leadership
    • Leader and Type of Leadership.
    • Individual, Group, and Team.
    • People Manifesto.
    • Lead by Serving through Servant Leadership Skills.
    • Team Leadership by Develop A Dynamic Team.
  • Preparing and Readiness
    • Being Presence and Mentally Readiness.
    • Staying Focus and Emotional Intelligence.
    • Leader Mindset and Self-Leading.
    • Creating Safe and Trust Platform.
    • Agreement and Partnering Relationship.
  • Reflect on Day 1 Learning

Day 2

  • Listening Actively and Empathy
    • Focus on Other’s Context.
    • Considering Other’s Identify, Environment, Experiences, Values, and
    • Reflect by seeking clarity.
    • Listening by Looking and
  • Healing and Awareness
    • Unique Individual
    • Self-awareness and Helping Other to Create
    • Accepting and Remove
    • Emotional
    • Solving Problem and Conflict.

Day 3

  • Reflect on Day 2 Learning
  • Persuasion and Conceptualisation
    • Context vs
    • Values and Alignment.
    • Positiveness and Optimistic.
    • Looking Beyond and Open
    • Persuading and
  • Foresight and Stewardship
    • Lead by
    • End-Goal, Future and
    • Guided and Facts.
    • Commitment and
    • Caring with
    • Pro-Active, Self-Direct and Self-Managed.

Day 4

  • Reflect on Day 3 Learning
  • Commitment to Grow People
    • Safe Environment to Learn and
    • Develop People and Empowerment
    • Training Needs
    • Mentoring, Coaching, and
    • Continuously
  • Building Community
    • Connect and
    • Interact and
    • Co-Location and Virtual
  • Reflect on Day 4 Learning

Day 5

  • Team Development
    • Team Development
    • Forming a
    • Team’s Values, Ground Rules and Culture.
    • Storming and Facilitating a
    • Norming and Chartering a
    • Performing and Monitoring a
    • Adjourning and Celebrating a
  • Reflect on Day 5 Learning

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer David


David real experience as a project manager since 2008 when he was a team leader before got himself PMP accreditation in the year 2009. The most memorable project management experience is in the year 2011 when he successfully rescued a nationwide enterprise system upgrade project in Automotive Information Technology from failure planning.

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