The Art of Selling

Course Objectives

  • Rapport skills: Recognizing and adjusting for the needs of others.
  • Observation skills: Reading body language and the subtleties of non-verbal language.
  • Interrogation skills: Uncovering and implanting expectations, needs, desires, motives, and parameters
  • Presentation skills: Making your solution sound attractive, exciting, and complete to the prospective client.
  • Communication skills: Facilitating the transfer of information from you to your client.
  • Strategic skills: Evaluating selling situations, planning tactics, and action that result in bigger, faster sales.
  • Product knowledge application skills: Positively affecting your customers through your personal knowledge of your product and interpreting your product/service features into advantages/benefits.
  • Attitude-adjusting skills: Repositioning your personal attitude quickly when depressed or de-motivated.
  • Relate to different buyer types
  • Make use of careful, thoughtful questioning skills to develop insights into customer needs and desires, in order to offer solutions that will provide an advantage over the competition
  • Make use of the face-to-face sales process of questioning, closing skills and handling objections
  • Learners will master the art of selling & effectively be able to perform the roles and responsibility in their respective department

Target Audience

  • Admin
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • All Management Levels Staff in an Organization


This highly interactive program combines stimulating lectures, role play, group discussion, and problem-solving exercises, simulations, demonstrations and practical sessions, which will equip participants with the much-needed skills required in the societal and professional arena.  This course goes back to the root of the sales approach combined with the latest sales approach in order to elevate the understanding level of participants of the entire process. 

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Sales Pitch  
  • Module 2: Three Techniques to Build a Strong Customer Relationship & Communicate Effectively 
  • Module 3: FAQ & Closing Techniques
  • Module 4: Active, Reflective & Passive Listening 
  • Module 5: Cross Selling & Upselling 
  • Module 6: Body Language  
  • Module 7: Time Management

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Jaclyn


Her training methodology to ensure that learning applies and inspire participants includes: adult training implications to self-realization and development, hands on experiential and exploratory activities where 30% lecture & 70% practical involvement, motivation and inspiration using the right intonation, confidence boost involving role plays, video clips, actual work and life experiences. She is also able to conduct highly interactive programs, both in English and Bahasa Malaysia to ensure productive, economical, and personal growth of all participants.

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