Take Baby Steps to Master Microsoft Office

Learning a new skill takes time. While the level of difficulty may varies, one can play it smart and make the process considerably easier.

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Microsoft Office is essential in every workplace, for each and every employee imaginable.
Regardless whether it’s Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, an employee would likely interact with one or a combination of three in their daily tasks. While the degree of interaction may depend on one’s job responsibilities, it may also be influenced by level of expertise.

How can one improve his or her Microsoft Office competency? Start with training – for different mix of time, cost, and expertise.

Half Day Training

Ideal for individuals with little time to spare. This training format provides you with immediate know-hows which you can apply after training ended. Simple, concise, and intensive, the courses are designed to help you to learn instant yet applicable learning outcomes at work.


  • Transforming Data Into Decision
  • Big Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Visualize Stunning and Dynamic Dashboard
  • Making Eye Catching Slides

If you work with data frequently, or you are the go-to guy for presentation, these courses complement your skills set. What’s more? They only cost RM49/course.

Standard Training

You can’t go wrong with the classic, long running training in our training center. They’re always the in-demand training all year long and for good reasons too, the gained expertise equates to employability skills and better performance at work. You can learn all about Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – up close and personal in a detailed fashion. It is expected that participants leave the training knowing every tactics known to every pro user.

Level of training (Word, Excel, PowerPoint):

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Beginners are recommended to register for Foundation training. Meanwhile other participants are recommended for the other levels, depending on their desired learning outcomes. Intermediate level expands upon learning outcomes in Foundation level, whereas Advanced is designed to help you master complete use of the program.

Specialized Training

Learning Microsoft Office skills do not stop at Standard training. For users who work closely with certain unique elements, or those with uncommon job responsibilities, a specialized training is designed for you. It may expand to charts, graphs, Visual Basic Application (VBA) and others.

Selected training sneak peek:

  • Financial Modelling Using Excel
  • VBA For Programmer
  • Building Impactful Presentation

The courses are tailored to special needs of participants. Hence, each courses is tied to a central theme, be it data, presentation, VBA or presentation. The training is designed for proficient users who would like to enhance their existing performance with better know-hows.

See the Microsoft courses yourself by clicking on the banner below!

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