Procurement and Inventory Management

Course Objectives

  • Train as an Assertive Procurement Professional that gets Things Done Promptly and Efficiently.
  • Gain Intensive Knowledge and Expediting Skills in the Upstream & Downstream activities of procurement, purchases and services.
  • Develop professional approaches in buying & getting the Right supplies on Time.
  • Gain insight into potential Risks involve via Market Analysis data and be prepared.
  • Plan cost reduction strategies to save costs without sacrificing on quality, delivery, costs and services.
  • Determine the right number of stocks to avoid excessive stock-up in the store or warehouse or end up in ‘stockout’ situation.
  • Know the stock receiving, storage, retrieving & issuing best practices.
  • Understand the importance of efficient Strategic planning in the various Warehouse & Store operation.
  • Manage inventory effectively to save time & costs and increase productivity in the logistics arena.
  • Aware of the various security, safety factors, house-keeping and regulatory compliances at the warehouse & its storage system.

•          Maximize your learning by practical case study

Target Audience

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to know about the effective management of the Store, Materials and Warehouse in order to support the Logistics and Supply Chain so that the business process can run efficiently.

Such as Logistic, Store & Warehouse, Accounts, Procurement, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Distribution and any staff nominated by the organization to handle the supply chain or logistic management.


Mixed blend of lectures, discussion, group activity , case study , pre & post tests and videos

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Gain Valuable insights into procurement Expediting Skills                 

    Module 2 – Supplier Relationship Management

    Module 3 – Strategies in expediting supplies & reducing costly risks.                        

    Module 4 – Practical Cost reduction strategy            

    Module 5 – Managing Inventory effectively at the

    Module 6 Strategic Inventory Control Methodology in the Warehouse 

    Module 7 – Safety and Security Measures requirements 

    Module 8 – Importance of practicing 5S at the Warehouse

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Raymond


Raymond has extensive corporate and academic experience in bringing people together for better performance. His people-centered principles has brought practical  results with suppliers and  helps to  fosters cooperation to get difficult supplies with the right price, right delivery and right service required by the organization.

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