Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis (Online Training)

Course Objectives

Root cause analysis is about digging beneath the surface of a problem. Which are, instead of looking for a singular “root cause,” we shift your problem-solving paradigm to reveal a system of causes.

Most organizations mistakenly use the term “root cause” to identify one main cause. Focusing on a single cause can limit the solutions set, resulting in the exclusion of viable solutions. Root Cause Analysis  provides a thorough analysis of all the causes that contributed to the incident. The root is the system of causes that reveals all of the different options for solutions. The result … multiple opportunities to mitigate risk and prevent problems.

  • Understand the principles and key concepts of problem solving

  • Learn how to use the Problem Solving Tools

  • Learn how to carry out Why-why Analysis

  • Learn how to use Cause & Effect diagram

  • Understand the 7 QC Tools

Target Audience

This program is design to involve all staff and all level of managements. To be effective, attendance of all staff and participation of senior management are important.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Problem Solving
    – Introduction to Problem Solving
    – 5 Steps Problem Solving
    • Define the Problem
    • Analyze Root Cause
    • Develop Countermeasures
    • Implement Solutions
    • Evaluate & Follow Up.
    – Multi-Disciplinary Approach team.
  • Module 2: Methodology of Root Cause Analysis
    – What is RCA?
    – Common tools in RCA
    • PDCA
    • 5W1H
    • 7 QC – Flow Chart, Check Sheet, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Ishikawa Diagram ( Cause & Effect Analysis), Scatter Diagram,Control Chart
    • Why-why Analysis
    • 8D
    – Brainstorming
    – Why-why analysis
    • What is Why-why analysis?
    • Concept & methodology
    • Why Reoccurrence happened?
    • Why Happened & Why Outflow
  • Module 3: Correction, Correction Action & Preventive Action
    – What is Correction
    – What is Corrective & Preventive action

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Sharif


More than 20 years' experiences in manufacturing and automotive body assembly. His previous experience in electronic parts manufacturing was with SONY (M) Sdn Bhd before embarked into Automotive Industry specializing in Metal Stamping and Body Assembly. During his service in DRB-HICOM (PHN Industry Sdn Bhd) he was attached to various departments such as Body Assembly and Metal Stamping Production, Supplier Quality, Dies Engineering, and his last position was as Head of Hicom Manufacturing System cum trainer, auditor for DRB-HICOM.

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