3 Reasons to Start Reading Books Again

Why reading should definitely be part of your leisure time.

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Who says people don’t like reading? We spend a significant amount of time reading the news, emails, letters, text messages, tweets, and Facebook updates. However, reading books is usually not at the top of our list.

Why? Reading needs time and focus, the 2 things that most people don’t have. Now that most of us have been confined to our homes, I suggest reading a good book as a productive way to utilize the extra time that you’ve saved from commuting to work.

Here are the top 3 reason why you should:

#1 – Reading promotes brain activity

Reading forces your brain to imagine. Some of the best innovations of our lives are the product of someone’s imagination. Reading also helps us improve or analytical skills. We should also aim to read more as we age as it helps prevent cognitive decline and depression.

#2 – Reading improves vocabulary and comprehension

This is absolutely useful for those of us who want to be better at speaking and writing in a particular language.
It is the best way to learn about grammar and sentence structuring. This knowledge can then be utilized to communicate better at work.

#3 – Reading helps you relax

Reading helps reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. As a direct result, your stress level goes down. Reading is the best way to prepare yourself to go to sleep however, avoid reading the news at night as it has the complete opposite effect (more so these days).

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