Supporting Remote Developers During COVID-19 Pandemic


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In view of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become a common occurrence. Employees’ homes have essentially become their alternative workplaces. While the pandemic brought about regrettable impacts on economies worldwide, if anything, it proved that remote working is possible. In addition, remote working is also no less productive than working in the office.

Continued progress at workplace must be attained, and this is true for developers too. As the pandemic continues to claim lives and put commuters at risk, enterprises turn to remote working for their employees. The difficulty in overseeing progress may deemed to be challenging but it is not entirely unachievable. Drop in productivity is also often cited as deterrent to support remote developers. These factors are to be dispelled with realities of today’s workplace empowerment tactics.

As discussed in this e-book, there are several ways to optimize the work of remote developers. Download this free e-book for free to learn how to improve remote workers’ productivity.

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