What Great Managers Need (To Foster Employee Engagement)


Course Objectives

Engaged employees average 27% less absenteeism than those who are actively disengaged. In a typical 10,000-person company, absenteeism from disengagement costs the business about 5,000 lost days per year worth $600,000 in salary paid where no work was performed. Managers who maintain higher levels of engagement in their teams spare their companies the cost of what are sometimes euphemistically called ‘mental health days’. How do they do that? This TWO (2) days learning workshop will provide you with new insights.

  • Value employee engagement
  • Establish the 12 essentials of employee engagement
  • Apply the 12 essentials of employee engagement

Target Audience

All managers


This stimulating program will maximize the understanding and learning through 50% practical session, 30% interactive sharing/ lecturing, 20% experiential activities

Course Modules

  • Understanding employee engagement
  • The 1st Essential of employee engagement – Knowing your goals
  • The 2nd Essential of employee engagement – Having the right 4M (machine, material, method, manpower)
  • The 3rd Essential of employee engagement – Giving people the opportunity to be at their best
  • The 4th Essential of employee engagement – Praising and recognizing good performance
  • The 5th Essential of employee engagement – Being caring to others at work
  • The 6th Essential of employee engagement – Encouraging others towards continuous development
  • The 7th Essential of employee engagement – Being open to others’ opinion
  • The 8th Essential of employee engagement – Connecting to company’s direction all the time
  • The 9th Essential of employee engagement – Building commitment to doing quality work

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Paul


Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing and E-Commerce from University of Curtin, Australia. He also attained a Diploma in Hotel Catering and Management from the American Hotel and Motel Association. He is a Certified Trainer under the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia).

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