Brand-Driven Marketing: How To Successfully Market Your Brand (Company/Product/Service) (Online Training)

Course Objectives

Amidst strong competition, if you cherish great success for your Brand, you must first embrace an intimate knowledge of your Target Customers’ emotional and psychosocial aspirations, concerns and needs. With this, your Organization can then create emotional connectivity with your Target Customers by involving in their social lives. Be outstanding. Be relevant. Be likeable. Only then can you build and expand your Brand Community, fostering Brand Advocates who will loyally ripple the good name and reputation of your Brand (Company, Product, Service)…leading to consistently healthy sales.

Participants will learn to:

  • Shift to a new mindset of always looking beyond the functional or utilitarian, and focus on the emotional and psychosocial.
  • Learn how to humanize the Brand, starting from the Brand Positioning and Brand Promise, then to Internal Branding and External Branding. Develop a new worldview of creating Brand Affinity with Customers via Emotional Bonding.
  • Master the skill of Emotional Branding-Marketing, from Strategizing the Brand, to Managing the Brand, and Communicating the Brand.

Target Audience

  • Complete Beginners who either desire to successfully market a new or existing Brand (New Start-Up or Business, Company, Product, Service, Etc); or, to pursue a rewarding Career in Brand-Driven Marketing.
  • (Non-Marketing Managers or Executives.
  • Heads of Departments of any Organization that is behind the Vision of marketing a Brand successfully and profitably, and therefore must be fully aware of Brand-Driven Marketing, which requires full Organization-wide support.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Brand Strategy
    – Brand Audit To Identify Brand Gaps And Rectify.
    – Brand Vision To Establish Future Direction.
    – Brand DNA With Social Purpose.
    – Brand Persona (Essence, Core Values, Personality).
    – Brand-Driven Organization.
    – Brand Ambassadors (Internal).

  • Module 2: Brand Management Strategy
    – Brand Culture & Brand Management System
    (Organization, Systems & Processes, Structure & Infrastructure, People).
    – Distinct Brand Positioning.
    – Competitive Market Frame (CMF)
    (Market Positioning, Market Mix, Porter 5 Forces/5 Generic Strategies, SWOT).
    – Defining Target Market
    (Demographics & Psychographics, Craft Buyer Persona, Identify Potent Consumer Insights).
    – Marketing Strategy (Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan, Tactical Plan & Marketing Communication Strategy).
    – Holistic Marketing Communication
      – Internal Marketing: (i) Marketing Department. (ii) Senior Management. (iii) Other Departments.
      – Integrated Marketing Communication: (i) Products & Services. (ii) Channels. (iii) Communications. (iv) Mass Communications (Macro) (v) Personal Communications (Micro).
      – Relationship Marketing (Marketing Network): (i) Partners. (ii) Channel. (iii) Customers.
      – Socially Responsible Marketing: (i) Community. (ii) Environment. (iii) Ethics. (iv) Legal.

  • Module 3: Brand Communication Strategy
    – Overarching Integrated Brand Communication Strategy
    (Encompassing All Forms Of Communication And Marketing Communication including Social Media Networks). Create And Enhance Your Brand Community (For Both Online Realm And Offline Realm).
    – Marketing Communication (ATL and BTL).
    – Marketing Communications Mix
      – Mass Communications (Advertising, PR & Publicity, Events & Experiences, Sales Promotions).
      – Personal Communications (Direct Marketing, Personal Selling).
    – Marketing Communication Evolution Via Constant Review:
      – Monitoring.
    Measuring Effectiveness of Marketing Communication.
      – Diagnosis of Results.
      – Corrective Actions.

  • Module 4: Content Management System
    – Create Detailed Buyer Persona from Global Base Of Target Customers
    (Including Big-Data Individual Customization).
    – Align with the Cognitive Buyer’s Journey
    (So As To Inspire Target Customers To Take Affirmative Action).
    – Develop An Ideation System (So As To Prolifically Consistently Generate New Fresh Content Ideas).
    – Measure Results Of Content (To Optimize Future Campaigns).

  • Module 5: Native/Traditional Marketing/Advertising
    – Major Types Of Native Marketing/Advertising
      – Free Media & Non-Media.
      – Paid Media.
    – Methods Of Native Marketing/Advertising
    – Channels Of Native Marketing Communication
      – Internal Network.
      – External Network.
    – Tools Of Native Marketing/Advertising
    – Creative Execution Techniques For Native Marketing/Advertising
    – Native Advertising Buzz Words

  • Module 6: Digital Marketing
    – Major Types Of Digital Marketing
      – Non-Paid Organic Marketing/Advertising
      – Paid Marketing/Advertising.
      – Earned Media
      – Influencer Marketing/Advertising
      – Affiliate Partnerships Marketing/Advertising.
    – Methods Of Digital Marketing
    – Channels Of Digital Marketing Communication
      – Internal Network.
      – External Network.
    – Tools Of Digital Marketing
    – Creative Execution Techniques For Digital Marketing
    – Digital Marketing Buzz Words

  • Module 7: Digital Customer Service Strategy
    – Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
    – Prioritize Customer Service Enquiries With Speedy Sincere Informative Response. Authentically Engage Your Customers.
    – Diagnose And Solve Customer Service Issues, Via Community-First Context
    That Is Appropriate For The Social Media World.
    – Mirror Your Customer, To Provide Social Customer Care To A Global Community Of Digitally Connected Users.
    – Foster Customer Loyalty That Leads To Generating Increased Revenue For Your Organization, Via Compassionate Service.
    – Monitor your Brand In The Digital Realm, from Social Media Networks, To Blogs And Other Digital Channels.

  • Module 8: Digital Pr & Publicity Strategy
    – The Evolved Role of PR.
    – Generating PR Ideas.
    – Handling Media Relations.
    – Communicating Via Social Media.
    – PR Style of Newsworthy Writing.
    – Crisis Communications & Issues Management.

  • Module 9: Emotional Branding-Marketing Communication
    – Personify Your Brand’s Social Purpose, Ideals, Essence And Core Values.
    – Optimize Brand-Customer Affinity Via Emotional Bonding.
    – Make Your Target Customer The Hero, Via Brand-Driven Storytelling.
    – Focus On Providing A Unique Brand Experience Through Emotional Advertising.

  • Module 10: Brand-Driven Storytelling
    – Connect to Consumer’s Heart by Triggering the Brain through Emotive Storytelling.
    – Turn Monotonous Data and Hard Facts Into An Enjoyable, Memorable Story.
    – Acquire The Various Powerful Storytelling Techniques, And Know when To Use The Right Technique To Move Specific Target Customers.
    – Crafting Emotive Stories That Simplify The Complex Or Abstract, Building In Excitement, Suspense And Fulfilling Outcome for The Target Consumers

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Jon


Jon holds a Master in Business Administration from Entrepreneurial Management, Australia and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Business Administration in Branding. He is a Certified Global Personal Branding Strategist, Certified Awareness Before Change International Trainer, Certified Money & You Global Training Program Presenter, as well as an ABNLP International-Certified NLP Practitioner (Trainer).  In total, Jon brings with him over 20 years of corporate experience.

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