Effective Business Email/ Memorandum (Online Training)

Course Objectives

All organizations need to convey a professional image in every way to stay ahead of the competition.

It is paramount that all pieces of written documentation are faultless. As your professional reputation can be enhanced or ruined by your correspondence, it is essential that the style, content and message is concise, correct and appropriate.

Business Emails must contain vital information that recommends action or allows the reader to make necessary decisions based on the information provided. When your Business Email reaches a busy manager’s desk, your are competing with many other pieces of documentation and responsibilities that tie up the manager’s time and attention. Emails, therefore, need to be inviting and persuasive.

This Business Writing Course is tailored to the needs of delegates who already retain business writing skills and those who would like to gain further knowledge on:

Participants will learn to:

  • Gain a better understanding of common spelling & grammar issues in business writing

  • Review basic concepts in sentence & paragraph construction

  • Learn to use email professionally & effectively

  • Learn how agendas, email messages, business letters, are structured in a professional environment

Target Audience

Target Group : Anyone who writes frequently at work.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: What is Plain Language?
    Keep them short and simple, Use Plain Language to Solve Problems, Making the Message Clearer, Designing Sentences and Paragraphs Using Plain Language
    – Keep them short and simple
    – Lead with strength
    – Link sentences and paragraphs
    – Use the active voice
    – Use positive sentences
    – Check for clarity
    – Writing Effectively using Plain Language
    – Organize the information
    – Help the reader find the necessary information
    – Address your reader directly

  • Module 2: Essentials of Effective Business Writing
    – What is business correspondence?
    – Differences between business and creative writing.
    – Identifying old-fashioned vs. modern.
    – Business writing styles.
    – Writing skills using the 4 C’s—clear, concise, courteous and correct.

  • Module 3: Process of Effective Business Correspondence
    – Understanding attention span of readers.
    – Summary writing—5 W’s & 1H.
    – Concise writing essentials.
    – Approaches to writing—voice, direct, indirect and persuasive.
    – Controlling tone in writing.
    – Common grammatical errors made in business correspondence—
    – Punctuation, tenses, spelling and sentence construction.
    – Identifying reader types and customising writing styles

  • Module 4 : The Basic Structure of Business Emails/Memorandum
    – The Basic Structure
    – Choosing a Format
    – Writing the Letter
    – Informative

  • Lesson 5: Types of Business Emails/Memorandum
    – Informative Emails
    – Persuasive Emails
    – Negative Emails
    – Positively vs Poorly Phrased Business Emails

Get To Know The Trainer

Trainer Salim


Salim has years of strong experience in the services and retails industry. His experience in the field of marketing, training, management and strategy is profound and rooted in deep hands on experience and always inspiring and elevates the mind. He likes to destroy calcified negative Mental Models with facts and he has done it many times in the past, present and in the future.

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